Fiesta Catalog

I am hoping to make this the most comprehensive cataloging of Fiesta on the Internet. Each Fiesta item page will feature production dates, colors, dimensions, and historical notes. Data is collected from a number of sources on the web and printed media.

Current Online Pricing Data
Included on each catalog page are the current auctions and fixed prices for Fiesta items on eBay. Hopefully this data may help in getting a good feel of what an item may be worth, and what people are willing to pay for it.
Photo Galleries for Item Identification
Each catalog page will feature an image gallery including pieces from my own Fiesta collection, as well as, user submitted photos and photos from around the web with owner attribution and approval. It is my hope that the image galleries will greatly help novice and expert collectors alike.

Original Fiesta Line 1936 (34 Pieces, 6 Colors )

The original vintage Fiesta line consisted of 34 pieces and was produced in 5 colors. A sixth color, Turquoise, was added the following year in 1937.

  • salt and pepper shakers
  • demitasse cups & saucers
  • large teapot
  • footed salad bowl
  • set of 7 mixing bowls
  • Casserole, Covered
  • relish tray
  • 12″ comport
  • nappy 9 1/2″
  • nappy 8 1/2″

Many of the early pieces were not marked. The ink stamp “GENUINE fiesta” came later, which explains why so many plates aren’t marked, although the lower case “fiesta HLC USA” or “fiesta MADE IN USA” was molded and indented into many of the first pieces.

Early Production Changes in 1937

Modifications were made quickly to the production line such as the sugar bowl, teacup, utility tray, creamer, nesting bowls, and ashtray. While some of the pieces had slight modifications made — these earlier pieces are rare and highly coveted by avid & serious collectors alike.

Nearing the end of 1937, the covered onion soup bowl would get the axe. Turquoise was added shortly before the dropping of the bowl, which make them very rare and valuable indeed.

More Shapes Added – Late 1930s

  • marmalade jar
  • egg cups
  • 2 pint jug
  • the utility tray
  • 12″ oval platter
  • disk water pitcher
  • 8″ vase
  • 10″ vase
  • 12″ vase
  • bowl lids(#1-#4)
  • 11″ fruit bowl
  • Teapot, Medium

In the fall of 1939 the stick handled creamer was replaced with the regular ring handle version. The ring handle creamer was easy to use for righties and lefties alike.

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